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How to Work with your INTERIOR DESIGNER
14 Jul 1999

This article has been submitted by Akar Interior Designers who are well known interior designers in Goa . Sydney & xxx have been in this have been in this business for xx years and have completed many prestigiuos projects.

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       To avoid wasting time, do your home work concerning costs before you start thinking about any specific interior designer. You may find that your field of choices, of necessity,limited.It would be pointless to discuss the details of a Rs 20000/- job, for example, with someone who thinks in terms of Rs 1,00,000/- minimum.
       If you can, track down possible candidates through their work. Be sure to see pictures or actual examples of the designers work before you make the final decision to choose him.


      If you are building a house or remodelling,bring your designer into the planning as early as possible so he can work right along with the architect or builder. Decisions such as the designs of Built-Storage, the location of electrical outlets, the materials or finish of floors, should be made during the construction stage; they become more costly later.
    The first conference generally takes place in the designers office. Begin by telling him how much you intend to spend and what you hope to get for that sum. He may disenchant you right away or suggest various compromises. But he cannot proceed at all without an honest statement first from you.
     Once the two of you have worked out the broad approach and defined the limitations , your designer will want to know a lot more-the kind of life you live, the amount and the nature of your entertaining. An experienced designer will ask you many leading questions and is entitled to thoughtfull answers. He will want to know about your tastes: What you like and dislike. Immediate elimination of the latter will save time. Above all, describe the mood you want - quiet or dramatic , old-world or newminted,sophistcated or informal.
     Make firm decisions, and do not change your mind unless you are prepared to pay for it. A skilled designer will not allow you to make mistakes provided you listen to him
     It goes without saying that there is no point in working with an interior designer unless you have confidence in him. You don't need to be knowledgeable about designing;Thats his profession. But you should be honest with him about yourself and what you want. You should also make yourself responsible for the small touches that will put your signature on your room or house. Every interior designer worth his salt wants to express his clients personality, which means that he needs you as much as you need him.Together,you can work wonders.

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