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24 June 2001

This article has been submitted by M/s Cold Spot, who are one of the market leaders in Air conditioners in Goa. M/s Cold Spot are in the business of air-conditioning for the last 15 years and specialse in leasing of air conditioners. They can be contacted on.Ph. Nos. 452290/231941.

This is one of the questions most frequently asked to us and also the most important criteria which can have a great effect on the satisfaction derived by the customer and the ultimate operating cost of the system. Whilst in other cases like choosing the size of a TV set  the customer walks into a shop with a pre-decided notion of the size he is going to buy it is recommended that the customer consult with an expert before deciding on the size of AC.
The basic rule-of-thumb is One Ton (12000BTU) for every 2000 cubic feet. In laymans terms this can be converted to 200 sq. feet or about 20sq. mtrs if you prefer metric. But this will give you only the basic size requirement which needs to be weighted with the following to arrive at the final size:-

Room Usage. If the room is a bedroom the above sizing method will be accurate but if the same sized room is used as an office the AC requirement could double since there will be many more people in the room, the door will be used much more frequently as people will be going in & out all the time, the AC will mainly be used during the day when outside temperatures are higher. A restaurant where hot food is served/people smoke and where the cold restaurant air is sucked into the kitchen by its exhaust fans every time  the waiters go in & out of the kitchen will greatly increase the airconditioning requirements.
Location,fittings & furnishings. A room with large glass windows getting a lot of sun will heat up the room. Reflective flooring such as glazed tiles or marble reduce airconditioning requirements compared to absorbent carpeting. A well spaced out furniture showroom needs much less airconditioning per sq. mtr. compared to a well stocked cloth or garments shop filled with a crowd of buyers! Double glazing though common int the west to reduce temperature regulation costs does not seem to be part of the vocabulary of local architects as yet!.
Number of Units. In Multi-AC applications the sizing would depend on the number of ACs selected since if 6 tons airconditioning is recommended for a particular shop though it would seem cheaper to buy 3 tons units it may prove to be more cost effective to fit four 1.5 ton units which would provide better & more even dispersal of cool air in the room and when less customers are present 2 of the units could be run in "fan" mode. The use of cordless remote controls would allow the owner to discretely control the ACs from the cash desk!.

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