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Vedic Vaastu Shastra
16 Jun 2001

Mr. Rajesh Lolienkar ( Master of Engineering), Consulting Engineer and Vaastu Consultant.
Panaji , Goa.
Res. Phone : 220346 ( Before 9.00 a.m and after 9.00 p.m 
Mobile        : 9823170719

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Vaastu Vidya is a past heritage containing information regarding auspicious selection of place for house, shape of plot, extension to plot, angle of plot, slope of plot, arrangement of roads, planning and placement of different components of the building, placement of entrance, structural layout and orientation of house to be in harmony with panchamahabutas (5 natural elements) and 8-directions etc.  If the critical consideration is given for few points and application of the same in our life, it will give the people living in such Houses, Apartments, Bungalows etc longitivity with good health, peace of mind and prosperity.
We all know that a right decision taken at a right time and in right circumstances always bring prosperity and overall development of the human being.  A simple concept of Vaastu Shastra places a human being in synchronization with surrounding environment so that there is free flow of energy which is of prime importance for development of human being.
Vaastu Consultant does not come to your house with a magic stick, nor he relates astrology of human to place.  He by applications of norms of Vaastu Shastra helps in placing you in harmony with nature.
This knowledge is Universal, Rational, Practicable, Permanent, Normative, Utilarian.  It crosses the boundary of caste, creed and religion and it is for the benefit of human being on-this planet.  Hence the Motto of Vaastu Shastra is “Sarvena Sukhino Bhavantu” meaning “let the people of entire universe prosper and be happy”.  The knowledge of Vaastu is vast and immense and is certainly beyond our scope.  As far as planning of structure is concerned for a building , house or Bungalow, they should not only be designed for eating, working, entertainment etc but also for other human activities considering ones life in much wider perspective and its totality.

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